ChickAdvisor Got a Face Lift!

Sunday August 24, 2008 by Ali

It seems to be website makeover madness these days. Our friends at Twenty Something TV just got a new skin, iwant-igot had a little overhaul, Lipstick Powder n' Paint had a dramatic change and added a new sister site, Lipstick Lifestyle and now... the new ChickAdvisor is about to be revealed. Literally. Today. Finally!

What you'll notice:

Our popular ChickChat section is no longer under lock and key. Since we added the 'anonymous' function, you decide when to share your name and when to keep it private. Some of the best advice on the website is in our forums and we think it's time to share that. You will still have to log in to add your own comments, but be warned we are militant about our anti-spam laws and have a zero tolerance policy.

We have had videos hiding on ChickAdvisor for a Loooong time. Well, ok. One year. Now they are findable with one click on the main nav. Here you will find everything from our hot new video series, ChickChat TV to last year's street fashion series, Where'd You Get That? as well as our own random amateur vids I shoot with my little Canon PowerShot digital camera when I go to events, meet designers, or any other occasion when I wish I had the funds for a proper film crew but only have my trusty PowerShot.

*New Content Player
The old design didn't have any place to display all of the cool new things we wanted to tell you about in once place, but now when you hit the homepage you will instantly see our latest offers, events and featured articles playing smack in the upper middle of the page. Click on what interests you and you are there instantly. Oh we're making it soooo easy!

Yup, this one is totally different. When we first launched we had a faint idea of who might like the site and use it on a regular basis, but we didn't know you personally. Through feedback from our power users (you know who you are), we have reinvented the look and feel of ChickAdvisor to make it more stylish, easier to use and more flexible for change. We hope you like it as much as we do!

*Member Profiles
Goodbye grainy, pixilated images, hello big clean profile pictures... commenting.. oh my! We haven't added photo albums yet but you can upload as many pictures of your fabulousness as you want in your gallery. Oh and YOU decide if someone gets to be your friend or not (we know, it's about time). The power is in your hands... use it wisely. We even updated the "Blue Chick". Of course we'd rather you upload your own picture of yourself or something that represents the essence of you, but she's pretty sassy, no?

*New Articles
Traditionally we have posted most of our articles here on the blog but now those articles will be featured predominately on the website. This blog will remain but the focus will be on ChickAdvisor news and the occasional idle rambling. We'd rather have your unique visit on ChickAdvisor so that Alex can quit his day job. ;)

So... wanna have at it?

You'll have to wait just a little longer. We're going to be taking the site offline for a bit today to put up the new one. Please bear with and check back tomorrow if you can't get on today.

Feedback always welcome!

We went live at about midnight last night. There are some known issues - esp for IE7 users that we are working to fix. If you can bear with us over the next couple of weeks we should have everything sorted out. In the mean time, play away!

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