$#*! My Dad Says to Air This Fall on CBS, CTV

Thursday August 19, 2010 by Claire

Have you heard of the Twitter sensation-turned best selling book $#*! My Dad Says?  It's the feed you turn to for your mid-afternoon giggle, the ramblings of a cantankerous old fart you want to invite to your next tea party just to shake things up.

Here's a recent gem:

"See, you think I give a sh*t. Wrong. In fact, while you talk, I'm thinking; How can I give less of sh*t? That's why I look interested."

Justin, 29, lives with his 74-year-old father in San Diego, and what started as a storage medium for those pearls of wisdom has grown into a Twitter feed with nearly 1.6 million followers.

This fall, you'll be treated to William Shatner's treatment of this material, as $#*! My Dad Says has been picked up for the fall by CTV and CBS.

$#*! My Dad Says will air Thursday nights at 8:30pm Eastern/7:30pm Central on CTV and CBS starting this fall.

We're hoping to see plenty of hilarious $hit but the laugh track has us worried.  Will you watch this new show?

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on August 19, 2010  ngill  1,669 said:

I think this is the kind of show that my dad will love. It'll be full of "dad jokes".

on August 19, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Aspasia you brought up a good point about the laugh track. It's a big pet peeve of mine. I don't think there is ever a need for a laugh track. It's really tacky.

on August 19, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I agree, I also love Modern Family! Laugh track needs to die.

on August 19, 2010  Aspasia  1,679 said:

I've been following the $hit my dad says Twitter feed since long before it got a book deal or a TV deal, and I loved it. Each inappropriate comment could brighten up any day! Now that it's turning into a TV show I have my doubts. Some things should just remain in their original form (although I'm sure the book is entertaining). The laugh-track is certainly concerning... If something is funny I don't need a machine to cue my laughter! (This is one of the reasons I love Modern Family, no laugh track, incredibly amusing). I'll probably tune in to the first episode, but if it doesn't blow me away I highly doubt I'll be tuning in the following week. Although, who doesn't love the Shat?

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