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Fact or Fiction? 5 Truths about Nighttime Bedwetting Every Mom Should Know

Monday July 30, 2012 by Claire


When I was a little girl, playing make-believe mommy consisted of toting around a life-sized doll who made wee-wee in her overpriced diapers and cried in a garbled mechanical squeal for her pacifier (until my Dad removed the batteries and claimed that every store in the city was sold out of double AAs. Forever.)  Later, it was taking Crystal Barbie to sleepovers and trying on my...

5 Mom-Friendly Tips To Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting

Monday July 23, 2012 by Sandy Caetano


At last you’ve made it through the challenges of potty training, happily tossing out plastic sheets and giving away the last of your diaper stockpile.  Your child is home free, isn’t he? 

For up to 20% of 5 to 10 year-olds, there is another hurdle to clear: nighttime bedwetting.  While the causes are many and can vary even from sibling to sibling, the result is the...

The "Supermom" Girl on the Go: What's in Claire's Bag (plus enter to win!)

Wednesday July 11, 2012 by Claire

I’m a mom of 3 and work full-time.  Between soccer practices, school events, birthday parties, and tight work deadlines, my motto has to be “Work Hard And Play Hard”.  Especially when 3 teachers from 2 different schools call within the space of 15 minutes asking me to pick up a sick kid from the nurse’s office. 

Yup, some might dub me a ‘Supermom’ but you should know by...

The “Hip” Girl on the Go: What’s in Nora’s Bag (plus enter to win!)

Wednesday July 4, 2012 by Nora


Name: Nora
Alias: Nora Borealis
You can spot me by my: blonde hair, pale skin, red lips, matching bike, and uniform of oversized Breton stripe tops with straight-leg jeans.

I like to be busy; overly busy, if I can be. I’m happiest when I have too many places to be and not enough time to do everything, so I’m committed to a life where a typical week includes a delightfully unpredictable...

Treating a Sunburn + DIY Options for After - Sun Care

Wednesday June 27, 2012 by Alexandra C.

If you've ever seen any photo of me before, you know that I'm what some might call, 'pasty', 'extremely pale' or 'snow white-esque' (if you're feeling generous). It's okay, I've come to terms with the fact that I don't ever tan. And that's not by choice either because instead of browning to a glow, I just burn to a crisp. Last Canada Day long...

The "Newbie Mom" Girl on the Go: What's in Ali's Bag (plus enter to win!)

Wednesday June 27, 2012 by Ali


I have to admit it: I love my new job. While I’m still a regular part of the ChickAdvisor team, I now have a pint-sized Mini-Me in charge of my daily schedule. One who stops traffic with his bi-toothed grin and cheerful “Agoo?”

Once upon a time, my agenda was crammed with fashion events, work lunches, and sales meetings. These days my routine involves working frantically while the...

5 Things You Didn't Know About Sunscreen

Thursday June 21, 2012 by Ali

5 Things You Didn't Know About Sunscreen
I consider myself to be fairly sun savvy.  Six years working in the beauty industry have ensured I  always apply a facial lotion with SPF in the mornings and keep a stash of wide brimmed hats by the door.  You will never catch me sunbathing.  Yet somehow, I get burned every summer. I've also noticed a fair amount of pigmentation around my hairline and on my cheeks that is...

The Juice Cleanse Experiment: What You Need to Know and Do They Deliver Results?

Tuesday June 19, 2012 by Alexandra C.

I recently opened up about my weight loss and diet experience. As I mentioned in that article, I've been eating a lot of the same food items lately, so finding good tasting as well as good for me foods was very important. I experimented with kale (in chip and in green smoothie form), ate greek yogurt like there was about to be a shortage, and cottage cheese and I had a lunch love affair...

My 'Get Healthy' Lifestyle and Weight Loss Experience

Thursday June 14, 2012 by Alexandra C.

Back in January 2012, the Chick staff all wrote down their resolutions for the upcoming year. My own resolution was to take better care of myself. This wasn't exactly coming out of nowhere. Over the past few months, I had started to notice changes in my body. At first, it was just that my jeans were a little tight but before I knew it, I couldn't even get them on. 

I've never...

Healthy Foods: How to Make a Green Smoothie Guide + Recipe

Thursday May 31, 2012 by Alexandra C.

Since the new year started, I've been making a concerned effort to treat my body better by eating healthier and exercising regularly. As anyone who's tried to get fit will tell you, it isn't easy but when you start to see your desired results, it's totally worth it. 

One of my biggest issues I've had while trying to stick to a healthy diet is: what can I eat for snacks...

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