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How do I #WindDown? With lavender-scented body wash. http://t.co/Pt60xPc7AG

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What do you call #SingingInTheShower with a mouth full of soap? A soap opera!

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What’s it like to be a bar of Ivory? Well, it’s 99.44% amazing!

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Ivory Reviews

Ivory Body Wash
These bottles are huge and last forever and they smell amazing and lather so well I love this body wash.

50 reviews
Ivory Aloe Body Wash
This has been a staple in our household for years, and although the packaging may change, the formula has not. This body wash has a lovely light scent and it really works up a lather. I always feel clean and smooth after every use of this soap.

5 reviews
Ivory Bar Wash
Je n'aime pas ce savon car je devient la peau tres seche rugeuse et elle me demmenge enormement apres quelques jours d'utilisations.

3 reviews
Ivory Dish Soap
i really like ivory for dishes exept the white one smell too much like soap body

2 reviews
Ivory Simply Aloe soap bar
Ivory has been one of the soaps that my family and I use regulary. I recently tried the Simply Aloe and was pleased that it has the same lightness and price as the original. Who hasn't used soap that slips in the bathtub and sinks to the bottom? Well...that is one of the...

13 reviews