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We take our soap seriosuly #ivorysoap #pure https://t.co/ZhCgGKJNMM

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Comfy pajamas, her favorite stuffed animal, & a good book. It's all this little girl needs to put a grin on her fa… https://t.co/W9Huhb2z0Q

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Check out this #advertisement from 1965! We love looking back and embracing our #heritage https://t.co/acLfljBH9D

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Ivory Reviews

Ivory Body Wash
I feel like this leaves a layer on my skin. It smells nice but I don't feel like it did a good enough job. The scent is light and fresh though. Wouldn't buy again but won't waste it.

83 reviews
Ivory Bar Wash
C'est un bon qualité prix. Ivory c'est un classique dans les maisons. Nettoie bien la peau ,mais manque un peu d'hydratation à mon avis. C'est un Petit prix.

17 reviews
Ivory body wash simply ivory
tres efficace , sent tres bon , laisse la peau douce et ne laisse aucun residu de savon quand on fini de se laver .. plusieur senteur disponible aussi , j'adore

8 reviews
Ivory Original Body Wash
I absolutely love this body wash. It has great cleaning properties and lathers you with so much bubbles makes you feel luxurious. When you get out of the shower, you don't have to worry about a sticky feeling or your skin being dried out from the added perfumes.

5 reviews
Ivory Dish Soap
I like this Ivory dish soap for a few reasons. it is gentle on your skin and keeps your hands soft. It is a very mild scent. Oily dishes come right clean without residue. I thought at first it wouldnt clean that well because I had heard to only buy clear dish soaps for some...

11 reviews
Ivory Aloe Body Wash
Love the fresh scent, and doesn't cause any irritation! Very moisturizing and gentle that I can also use it on my 9 month old son. Great for the whole family!

12 reviews
ivory lavender body wash
This use to be my favourite body wash. It was creamy and lathered well with a hint of lavender. Since there new formula a few years back, I have been very disappointed in the fragrance. It smells nothing like lavender and I have stopped using this all together.

8 reviews
Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash
I really love this hair and body wash because it saves me a lot of time and is very convenient because I can just use one bottle for everything I need rather than three bottles. I also like the scent of this product because it isn't too strong and I prefer subtle scents. I've...

2 reviews
Ivory Shower Gel
Ivory products have been around for years. This body wash is fairly new to me. It lathers well and leaves no soapy residue on my skin.

2 reviews
Ivory Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent Classic Scent
I love dove products. Im very allergic to any product that has perfume in it. After trying every product doves products are 1 of just a couple companies that i caj use their products. But recently i bought a different kind of their dish soap than the regular dove dishsoap and...

1 review
Ivory Simply Aloe Soap Bar
i really like this soap. i super love the smell and it leaves my body hydrated and smooth.

14 reviews

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