Canadian women’s trustworthy beauty partner for almost 75 years, Marcelle is the cosmetics and skin care brand that offers high quality hypoallergenic and perfume-free products. ChickAdvisor members recommend the Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream, Marcelle New Age Anti-Wrinkle Make Up, and the Marcelle Hydra-C Facial Cleansing Gel.

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Marcelle Reviews

Marcelle New-Age Anti-Wrinkle Make-Up
There are so many different kinds to try. I try this out just to see if it really works . Well i was surprise because it worked great it covers a lot

58 reviews
Marcelle BB Cream
Great coverage, gives the illusion of an even skin tone without the bulk of foundation. Works great as a substitute to foundation for flawless, healthy looking skin!

52 reviews
Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream
i used this cream a while ago.the cream wasn't to thick or to thin. it hydrated very well and the cream wasn't too harsh for my sensitive eye area. i didn't use it long, only 2 month,because i didn't see much of an improvement for my fine wrinkles. i still recommend it if you...

52 reviews
Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Day Cream SPF 15
My daughter was recommended this product by a cosmetician at our local Shopper's Drug Mart. She finds it very soothing and great for skin. I would recommend this for ladies in their early 30's.

52 reviews
Marcelle Gentle Foaming Wash
I love that this face wash removes makeup without drying out my skin. Plus it is hypo-allergenic and perfume free so it does not irritate my skin

1 review
Marcelle Cleaning Wipes
I love Marcelle's cleaning wipes :) they work very well and the ones I use at least are scent-less

2 reviews
Marcelle Clay Mask
It is a basic clay mask but I find that it helps my breakouts heal faster. It is hypo-allergenic and perfume free so it does not irritate my skin nor does it cause a burning feeling.

1 review
Marcelle Ultimate Lash Mascara
I LOVE this mascara. It never flakes, and never irritates my eyes. My lashes look lush and full without looking super coated in mascara-a look not good for someone pushing 40 in my opinion.

1 review
Marcelle CC Cream
This CC cream is great to work with. I have the Golden Glow tinted cream and it is 12 in 1!! Apparently it's made with 24k pure gold...I don't know what to think of that. But at $29 the price is right. It evens out your skin, creating a flawless look, and gives the perfect...

7 reviews
Marcelle Essentiels démaquillant
J'adore ce produit il est super doux et efficace. Si tout comme moi vous avez les yeux sensibles ..ce produit est pour vous. Son prix est modique et son efficacité est aussi bonne que des produits plus dispendieux.

1 review
marcelle extra sensitive face cleanser
This face cleanser is for extra sensitive skin & I highly recommend it. It has two options for usage; either use like a regular wash or leave on and wipe off with cotton pads- no rinsing needed. I found I like the combination of the two methods. However, even though it is...

1 review
Marcelle Mascara Xtension Plus
This is simply THE best mascara ever made! It doesn't clump, extends your eyelashes, and makes them look full and rich with color... I simply love this mascara!

4 reviews
Marcelle DD Cream
I have a dry skin and I always wonder why day cream doesn't always include and SPF protection. I love the DD cream because I get this protection and it is easily spread and doesn't leave my face with the feeling there is a mask on it.

1 review
Marcelle Waterproof Lip Liner
Love the color. My favorite color is pebble. It is the right shade to match most of my lipsticks. This lip liner prevents lips from bleeding. Stays put all day long.

1 review
Marcelle BB Cream Bronze
Garniers BB cream wasn't doing it for me anymore, with summer coming I was on the hunt for something that would highlight and give a bit of a bronzer effect. Found it! It blends so well and does everything it is suppose to. Combined with my foundation I can go all day without...

1 review