Eucerin is a dermatological skincare brand. The products specialize in soothing and calming irritated and sensitive skin. Some of the products that ChickAdvisor members have reviewed include Dry Skin Therapy Calming Cream, Dry Skin Therapy Intensive Repair Cream and Redness Relief Soothing Anti-Aging Serum.
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Eucerin Reviews

Eucerin Complete Repair Intensive Lotion 10% Urea
I used the Eucerin Complete Repair Intensive Lotion 10% Urea many years ago when I had severe dry skin one winter. I didn't find that it worked as well as another product due to how dry my skin was at that time and because my skin was cracking open and bleeding and I also had an...

136 reviews
Eucerin Intensive Lip Balm
I absolutely love this lip balm. I've struggled for years with dry cracked lips especially in the winter. Im so happy I found this one. It's not greasy, a little will most definitely do and it doesn't leave behind a film or taste. Even my kids use it

119 reviews
Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment
We use this product daily. My LO has dry skin and eczema and it works wonderfully. I would highly recommend this product. I also use it when I have chapped lips or any dry patches.

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Eucerin Calming Daily Moisturizing Crème
This moisturizer actually works really well. I have tried it before- during the winter months, and it makes my hands not as dry. It is non greasy- has a different kind of texture. non fragrant, so easy for sensitive skin

121 reviews
Eucerin Repair Hand Cream 5% Urea
The Eucerin Hand creams are wonderful and it a great water base feel, you hands will look and feel great amazing quality worth the money I always have it in my purse

85 reviews
Eucerin Original Crème
I get cracked and dry hands in the cold winters here and this usually works well to relieve the dryness. I usually buy a travel size version and take them with me on planes too.

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Eucerin Repair Foot Cream 10% Urea
My mom is 78 and her skin used to be very smooth, but in the past 5 years it has turned extremely dry and she tends to get itchy. Eucerin foot cream is her lotion of choice. It stops the heels from cracking and the feet are soft and don't burn. She like odorless creams and...

69 reviews
Eucerin Original Lotion
I was actually advised to purchase this from my child pediatrician. My son had skin that felt like sandpaper, within a few uses it all cleared up and now I use this on them once a week to prevent them from getting dry skin again. It is great stuff. def worth the 10 dollars.

77 reviews
Eucerin Daily Protection Moisturing Body Lotion SPF 15
I purchased this one winter when I had a eczema flare up and dry skin from the harsh winter winds. It didn't work as well as other products I had and I wouldn't purchase it again.

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Eucerin Complete Repair Moisturizing Lotion 5% Urea
This is my all time favourite winter time lotion. I use this to calm my eczema patches and keep my super dry skin hydrated in the winter. It has no fragrance and isn't greasy. Though it's on the pricey side for a drug store product, it's worth every penny.

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Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief Lotion
I love this lotion ! I suffer from psoriasis and I've tried every lotion and this is the only lotion that keeps my skin moisturized all day without worrying about flaking or itching !! I love how this lotion is so thick and had great oils that keep your skin feeling great

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Eucerin Aquaphor Original Formula
This product is my "go to" for the entire family!! I was told to buy this product from my doctor ( to put over my eczema cream)... The pharmacist also recommended it for my extremely dry and flaky legs. My husband, and 1 year old son currently use this product in their dry...

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Eucerin Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
When my son was few months old he had eczema, and his doctor recommended this ointment. Totally works! After 3 days my sons skin got better. I definitely recommend it!

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Eucerin in shower  moisturizer
This is a Product for meh button. Nothing super special, very runny texture , no scent at all it absorbs but it feels sticky so not a fun if it. Good price thought.

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Eucerin Calming Foaming Shower Oil
My mom gave me this for my dry itchy skin. I used it last night on an area of my skin that was breaking out due to a reaction to some plants in my garden. I put an anti ich cream on this area and it instantly started burning and glowing red. I then used this shower oil to remove...

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