I am a BC Born Girl. I have traveled tons but in my own province only. All the way up to Dawson Creek to Van Isle.

I am a Crafter, I sell my stuff at Christmas and All Year Round at all the various Markets in my area, I also LOVE reading writing painting. .

I love my kitten whom name is Ninja.. He is a Bombay and so he is solid black head to toe with bright yellow eyes. When he shuts his eyes in he dark, he disappears :)

I have been on ChickAdvisor now for almost 6 months, and am very happy I signed up. I have not only met some amazing people, learned about so many fantastic and many "not so" fantastic products, I have been able to try different products FREE from ChickAdvisor and do a review on them afterwards. This is a community of fun and a great place is their Forum where you can discuss topics galore. Thanks ChickAdvisor!! I am excited for my ChickAdvisor Premium Goodie Bag too for January 2017 !!

Instagram:  missninja00

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