Favourite pickles?

on Nov 02, 2014 @ 12:13 am

So random but what are your favourite pickles? Brands please!! My pickles have to be 1000% crunchy.

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Bread & Butter on Nov 04, 2014 @ 12:10 am

I will usually eat any and all pickles labelled as Bread & Butter. They're so sweet and perfect for any and every sandwich! Well.. I guess not /every/ sandwich. I don't think I could eat PB&J with pickles... ;)

Vlasic on Nov 04, 2014 @ 01:20 pm

They are the crunchiest!

Favorite pickles on Feb 06, 2015 @ 09:39 pm

My all time fav is Claussen, I hope I spelled it right. They are in the refrigerated section where the lunchmeats are. They cost a bit more, but are so worth it. If you want crunchiness, check them out. It's a green label. They have whole, spears, or quarters.

Bick's or Homemade Garlic Dill Pickles on Apr 07, 2015 @ 11:56 am

I've grown up eating "Bick's Pickles" and "Homemade Garlic Dill Pickles". Both have that signature crunch and delicious salt sour brine that satisfies your hunger.

any pickles. on Apr 07, 2015 @ 01:40 pm

I love making (and eating) homemade mustard pickles. A jar for us usually only lasts a few days.

Other than that, I will eat ANY pickle. Sandwich slice, baby dill, bread & butter...all of them. Kosher pickles are the best. I usually pick Bick's over Vlasic though.

pickles on Apr 07, 2015 @ 01:46 pm

Boar's Head German pickles. Cost is high but they're worth it!

They also make the best creamy horseradish sauce :)

I also make my own and love the bread and butter chips too.

pickles on Apr 07, 2015 @ 06:05 pm

I really like the Vlasic zesty garlic ones. Yum!

love pickles on Apr 10, 2015 @ 08:47 am

I like Bicks baby dill pickles, they taste great, good to have for a snack or with a meal

.. on Apr 10, 2015 @ 01:25 pm

Bick's dill pickles are the best ! They are perfect for making fried pickles. Yum !

My number one dill pickle on Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:43 pm

I have tried quite a few brands but I really like the Vlasic dill pickles. Although I've tried some really good homemade varieties but other than that I'd have to say Vlasic for me.

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