Toronto Showcase

on Sep 26, 2016 @ 02:48 pm

Toronto Showcase was yesterday! I'm not from Toronto but is going to the Vancouver one. 

I'm really interested in comments on how the event went from you ladies whom went to the Toronto Showcase. :)

I saw pictures on Instagram and Twitter and it looks like so much fun. I'm so excited for the Vancouver one, but it's a month away! 

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... on Sep 26, 2016 @ 06:26 pm

I saw pictures on instagram too, it looked really fun. Vancouver is sold out.

Toronto Showcase on Sep 26, 2016 @ 07:19 pm

I would love to know how it went. I was supposed to go but had to cancel.

. on Sep 26, 2016 @ 07:58 pm

I knew these tickets will sell out fast, so I got the Vancouver tickets the day the tickets were released.

I was going to wait to see if anyone of my girlfriend could go with me, but I thought, by the time they decide the tickets will be sold out. Phew! I'm going to be going solo but that's okay. The events looks like so much fun and I'm open to meet some fellow chicks members. :D

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