Is this a scam?

on Sep 07, 2016 @ 06:06 pm

So I checked my mailbox today and found a "Magic Match" scratch and win card in the mail. There are basically 3 "games" to scratch from a various amount of prizes you can win. I'm not sure if any one of you ladies (esp. in ontario) received this in the mail. I got a row of the same picture but I honestly don't know if it's legitimate or not. I tried doing research but I could barley find anything.

Any suggestions as to what I should do? I might potentially just ignore it in the end. But... have any of you guys got this in the mail too?

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Scam? on Sep 07, 2016 @ 08:45 pm

These are mass mailed and I've seen many of my neighbors 'win' the top prize. It's not a win but a chance to win. I received one a few years ago and called. They immediately started pressuring me to come to my home to demonstrate their product which I think was carpet cleaning or an expensive vacuum. In Ontario, you can't win a prize without consenting to a ballot. Junk mail! I just throw them out!

I get those in B.C. as well. on Sep 07, 2016 @ 09:42 pm

I don't think it's a scam, scam, but it's something to lure you into the business (where ever the card came from) i.e. the ones I usually get is from a Car dealership. You would have to go to the dealership to claim or get a CHANCE to win the grand prize. Once, you visit the location, they will make sales speeches and etc.

What I've learned from contesting is; if you never entered it, it's probably not a real win! If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably the the case.

. on Sep 07, 2016 @ 09:56 pm

I have received them before, in Ontario, and they were always a hook for a sales pitch.

. on Sep 07, 2016 @ 10:01 pm

I never bother with these! Probably all the cards have a row of all matching pics. A lure to pull you in for something.

good to know on Sep 07, 2016 @ 10:11 pm

Thanks for the tips! Will forward those to the garbage pile if ever one comes to my mailbox.

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