on Jul 15, 2016 @ 10:52 am

Mick Jagger is going to be a father for the 8th time at 72 yrs. of age with his 29 yr old gf. What sre your thoughts if any?

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Crazy on Jul 15, 2016 @ 11:16 am

When I saw this on the news this morning I was dumbfounded. So many thoughts. But the first thing that comes to mind is he will miss so much of this baby's life. I don't think that is fair to the child. I suppose though if you're going to have a girlfriend or wife that could be your granddaughter this is to be expected. I know age is not supposed to matter but I suppose I am old fashioned because to me that is much more that just an age differance.

yikes on Jul 15, 2016 @ 11:48 am

hmm i quess to each their own...

. on Jul 15, 2016 @ 04:37 pm

It's their own prerogative but I initially agree with @KimberlyLowry

I can't help but think that his dad is as old as most people's grandparents

:P on Jul 16, 2016 @ 08:58 am

Ugh, he's 4 years younger than my father in law...and I'm older than Mick's girlfriend and although my FIL is charismatic...even if I was single, I can't even imagine having a relationship with someone 40 years older than myself.

And he won't live to see his child grow up, graduate high school (let alone grade 8). Yes, the child will never want for anything monetary wise...but I feel parenting is beyond just money.

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