Tips for Getting Baby to Sleep in Crib

on May 03, 2016 @ 03:56 am

My son will be 5 months on the 4th and he still refuses to sleep in his crib... 

Looking for tips!! 

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. on May 03, 2016 @ 06:08 am

Night lights ? I know those worked for my nephew

. on May 03, 2016 @ 06:09 am

There are baby night time CDs maybe that'll help him sleep.

, on May 03, 2016 @ 08:39 am

I found a white noise machine to be helpful. I got one at Walmart that is also nightlight and has a little projector on it for $20. It has 6 different sounds, my baby liked the ocean or rain sounds most. That and just consistency. Eventually they will get it. Good luck!

. on May 03, 2016 @ 09:34 am

there is also a aquarium toy you can attach on the inside of the crib it will distract your baby and my daughter would fall asleep just looking at the fish swimming.

. on May 03, 2016 @ 10:08 am

I put my baby in her crib from day one. Just makes sure you try to put her in there for every nap too. I play white noise and always feed her in there before bed. Every night we do the dame routine. Give her a bath, read her a book,feed her then she sleeps. She has slept through the night since she was 2 and a half months old. Every baby is different but just try that routine and eventually she will get used to it:)

. on May 04, 2016 @ 11:25 am

Thanks for all the tips ladies :)

.. on May 22, 2016 @ 08:48 am

Just rock him/her to sleep and have a musical mobile. I don't recommend any lights though. If baby cries for a while that's no problem he will eventually fall asleep and get used to it. It won't hurt him.

. on May 26, 2016 @ 01:30 pm

I personally just wait until my babies fall asleep with me in the lvingroom. I give them a few moments and then up to bed they go. Mine are 21 and 5 months and sleep right through from about 930pm to 700am
I've previously had to use white noise as well though.

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