Under 25 Car Rental Surcharge and FOX rent a car

on Aug 25, 2014 @ 09:15 am

I am going to California for two weeks and am looking to rent a car.
But I am 24, So i know a lot of companies charge a lot in fees for being under 25. 

I've found companies charge between $14- 35 additional per day. Does any one know a coupon or a way around this, or knows a cheap rental company?

Secondly, I have seen a company called Fox rental, which has the cheapest fees and rates, however I have read so many horror stories online about them. Does any one have any previous experience using the company?

Any help would be nice,


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Any replies? on Mar 28, 2016 @ 02:49 pm

with this request, did you ever get any help?

. on Apr 02, 2016 @ 06:47 pm

Hope your trip worked out!

Insurance on Apr 08, 2016 @ 03:34 pm

The only way that you can get away with not paying the insurance surcharge is if you have coverage under your personal vehicle insurance covering rental vehicles. And check with your credit card insurance, most of them offer rental vehicle coverage.

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