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April 27, 2010

When I first openned the product, all that I really wanted to know more is what scent the product is suppose to be. As it give off a very strong scent that I simply have no idea how to describe.

The product in the package smells a bit too "strong" for me, because I do not really like the scent myself.. however, after applying it, and air dried a bit, the scent is not as strong anymore.

I felt the cream is more watery than the other creams and lotions that I've used. I wouldn't really call it a cream. It rubs on easily, and left my skin very smooth and soft. I was expecting it to be a bit oily, however, it wasn't at all. It got absorbed into my skin very quick. Which I really do like.

The packaging seems more like a product for diets/weight control than for skin care. However, it wasn't bad.

The product seems very natural from the large list of ingredients, and the company does stress on having products that are chemical free.

I would really recommend the product, as it did leave my skin feeling softer, and knowing that the product is all natural simply adds points to it. However, I do hope that the scent could be adjusted.. I really don't think it is the kind of scent that everyone would be able to take.

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