• Chummie Bedwetting Treatment System
  • Chummie Bedwetting Treatment System
  • Chummie Bedwetting Treatment System
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    May 20, 2015

    I ordered this monitor online and was a little unsure because of the cost. My 8 year old son was still not waking up dry. Not even occasionally, I mean he NEVER woke up dry. I tried restricting drinks, I tried waking him up before I went to bed, waking him in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. NOTHING worked. So I bought the monitor. The first few nights the monitor went off, then we would have night where he would get up to the monitor and change his own sheets. then after a week or two the monitor wouldn't go off in the middle of the night and he woke up dry with an occasional accident. After 3 weeks of wearing it, he wanted to try going without the monitor. My husband and I told him that if he can go one full week without wetting the bed we will stop using the monitor. Well that week came and as of today it has been 54 dry nights in a row! I think we can say we officially beat it. I am so happy I bought this monitor.
    It attaches to the front of their underwear with stickers which are very durable, I have never had the sensor fall off. The sensor is very soft and made of rubber, so it isn't too uncomfortable for him, I never had him complain. the device that makes the noise clips onto their shirt and the sensor plugs into it. I have never had this come unplugged in the middle of the night and my son moves alot, when it is unplugged it makes a noise alerting you it was unplugged. The sensor is VERY sensitive and the second my son started to pee it went off alerting him to wakeup, stop, and he would then go use the bathroom. Eventually he knew what it felt like to have a full bladder in the night and when to wakeup on his own.

    I ordered mine at Shop.ca for $109.99, if you go to ebates first and then from there go to shop.ca I got 20% off.

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