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May 03, 2014

I purchased this tinted moisturizer because I wanted a face cream that was slightly tinted. My routine was after washing my face and treating my acne I apply normal lotion let that dry and apply tinted moisturizer because I tend to get very dry skin. I was disappointed this was my only option basically they should have different sizes, features... The application bottle is like a foundation bottle, not as casual as a lotion bottle. And it looks much like foudation, kind of applies like foundation. For example with normal moisturizer you can rub in the cream, this tinted moisturizer started feeling clumby after the third face rub. It also leaves the color on your hands you kind of have to wash your hands instantly or whatever you touch will be smudged with this tinted colour. My first application I had to keep getting more, I was afraid it was going to stain or be too obvious so I was cautious. Meaning the capacity of it isn't that noticeable, you'll see tinted difference more than pimple coverage as a normal foundation can handle to do. To be honest, not sure if this is doing any moisturization.. I can't tell a difference from putting it on and feeling moisturized or fresh.

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