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May 18, 2016

1. Presotherapy

It is a controlled system of understanding that increases blood circulation, activates the lymphatic system, prevents fluid retention and helps eliminate toxins.
It also lessens the leg fatigue and improves the flow of oxygen in your body while toning legs, stomach and arms.

2. Cavitation

This technique is effective in reversing the orange peel, especially when you've already made changes to your diet and exercise have practiced because fat is targeted.
What does it consist of? Just lie down while a machine simulating gives a circular to activate your circulation and eliminate fat massage movements.

3. Carboxiterapia

It involves injecting carbon dioxide subcutaneously to degrade fat accumulated in specific body areas.
This procedure also has the advantage that your skin is firm and can make your normal activities.

4. Endermoloogia

This French technique eliminates the orange peel while improving the condition of the epidermis.
It helps reduce measures and prevents fluid retention because it stimulates the lymphatic system.

5. Outpatient Liposuction

In some clinics as Kalona you provide this treatment. You just need four sessions to reduce size and eliminate cellulite from your body.
Even when you submit to this procedure you can perform your daily activities; you do not need hospitalization, or side effects. It is not recommended for pregnant women.

6. Invisible Tummy Tuck

It is a tummy tuck that involves making a small incision in the public to remove accumulated fat in the area, remove excess skin and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Before choosing a treatment to remove cellulite effectively, it is important that you go to a specialized clinic certified, and submit to a medical evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for these procedures.
Beauty is not incompatible with health. Choose well!

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