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September 13, 2016

Torch is an adorably cute Dragon who makes sounds, moves, and blows steam!

A G version of dragons for parents who love Game of Thrones, this 9 inch by 12 inch dragon toy will keep your kids, pets, and adults entertained for short periods of time.

The battery is at the rear, and requires a plus shaped smaller screwdriver to remove it. It does take a bit of power (but not too much) to get the cover on and off – I assume it is easier after doing this several times. Once you put in 4 huge 1.5V C Alkaline Batteries, your dragon is ready to work! Make sure to either remove the batteries, and/or turn the setting to off if he will be used on a regular basis.

To fill his water “fire” reservoir, there is a little crystal shaped device that you will with water, then use it to fill the reservoir at the top of the dragons head. I have just used tap water, but apparently distilled water is better (I assume to reduce mineral build up over time).

Its “scales” are made up of a soft furry material intermingled with a dense yet soft plastic. The legs are moveable, and he moves his head when he babbles and makes sounds. He also hiccupped once and fell off the ledge, landing on his feet and bottom – just like a cat! So, I do not recommend playing with him on a high ledge, or his fate may not be so positive.

His sounds and movements remind me of Jim Hensons old muppet characters – like Falkor from the Neverending Story. He giggles, snorts, burps, speaks in an incoherent language, and just seems to be having a lot of fun while interacting with his human and furry counterparts.

To make him react, touch his tongue with your fingers or the marshmallow toy, stroke his nose, or press the fire charm on his belly to produce flame coloured “fire” mist.

The marshmallow even changes colour (a reddish tinge) when feeding Torch!

Our dogs just sit and stare at him and have NO idea how to react. It’s almost as adorable as Torch!

He is so flipping cute! With those big eyes, sparkly horns, fire breathing, marshmallow guzzling, purring characteristics – I’d recommend this for any fantasy lover!

*** I received this item at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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