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    March 16, 2012

    Jamieson Relax and Sleep Herbal Formula pills are used for the relief of insomnia and the reduction of nervous tension and anxiety. I’ve had trouble sleeping for years now do to some of the medications I’m on as well as just the day to day tensions we all have in life. I was using Melatonin for over a year, but it just wasn’t helping me any longer. I read about Jamieson Relax and Sleep and that it contains more then one natural ingredient to help promote sleep, where melatonin one has one. With the ingredients being all natural you don’t have to worry about them becoming habit forming like prescribe sleeping pills can do to you, witch was another big plus for me. I also read some good reviews for it on the well.ca web site, so I decided to give it a try. They cost about the same amount for the same amount of pills pre bottle as the melatonin does. Well I was pleasantly surprised at just how well they did help me and not only to fall asleep, but stay asleep. It was the first time in a few weeks that I slept for the majority of the night. I only woke up one time to go to the bathroom and usually when this happens to me I’m up for the rest of the night. This time I was able to get right back to sleep and I slept right through to morning. If you’re having trouble sleeping and don’t want to take a heavy prescribed sleeping pill, then I’d definitely recommend you give Jamieson Relax and Sleep pills a try. I woke up the next day feeling very well rested and ready to face the day with a smile and you can too.

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