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    January 11, 2011

    I bought this on a recommendation from a friend, when I was in serious need of a new eyeliner. I had hoped to get a liquid eyeliner but thought I'd go for the gel since it came with a nice little brush. :)

    This was definitely a great little surprise to me, the brush works really well, especially for applying different line weights, and for awhile after I bought it the product was the perfect consistency so it was easy to apply. Definitely got me hooked on gel liner. I also love that it dries with a matte finish, so you don't get that weird reflection of light on your lids (when using liquid liner) which makes it look like you missed a spot.

    Unfortunately after awhile the product starts to get sort of stiff so that it's harder to apply. I had to get in the habit of wetting the brush a little bit to get the eyeliner to give more and apply in a slick line. So I've still been able to use it as long as I wet the brush, but come to think of it I shouldn't need to do that.

    All in all, it was a good product to begin with and for a very good price. I just wish it had lasted MUCH longer, since it only stayed good for like a month tops. :(

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