• ökocat Soft Step™ Wood Clumping Cat Litter
  • ökocat Soft Step™ Wood Clumping Cat Litter
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August 22, 2016

When my favourite cat litter was discontinued I went on the hunt for a new one and came across ökocat litter. They make a few different types and while it works great I won't buy this one again.

This litter is free from chemicals, dyes and other synthetic and is made from naturally fallen timber or unused lumber materials that would otherwise go to waste.

What I like:
- One 7lb box probably would have lasted me a month, I have two cats, so will last longer for one cat, but I stopped using it (see What I didn't like for why)
- Price $11 at my pet store Global Pets
- Light weight, very light weight, no more struggling to carry the litter home
- 100% biodegradable and is flushable
- Traps odors better than any other litter I've ever tried
- Clumps wonderfully

What I don't like:
The tracking. This litter is very very fine and I was finding it all over the apartment, and not just a little bit. Everywhere the cats go there it was, even the bed. It was like someone had thrown sand all around the place.

Conclusion: While this litter worked really well, is a great price and lasts I will never use it again because of the tracking.

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