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    April 13, 2016

    I wasn't completely satisfied with this product simply because the colors I chose looked different than what I was expecting (and yes, I did look up color swatches before buying), but I'll do my best to review the product overall rather than just focusing on my problem with the shades I picked.

    I don't much care for shiny lip products, so of course, matte lipstick had my attention immediately, and at $2.00 per tube (via ikatehouse.com, on sale), I figured I didn't have much to lose if they turned out awful. So I ordered three shades: Sunset Chic, Hush and Poetic. Sunset Chic appeared to be a light, creamy orange shade, Hush looked like a rosy neutral color and Poetic was a cool gray color. Weirdly, they look different depending on the type of light I wore them in. In natural light, I found that Sunset Chic is more of a light neon orange-pink and Hush sort of resembles the Crayola crayon color Carnation Pink. Under artificial light, Sunset Chic looks like what I'd call "neon Creamsicle" and the pink undertones weren't quite as evident, and Hush looked more subdued. Very strange. Poetic looked the same under both types of light and I absolutely loved that color.

    This lipstick, due to its matte appearance, doesn't go on quite as smoothly as its shiny counterparts, but it still glides on quite nicely. Your lips feel powdery and silky while wearing it and the color goes on nice and bold. The tip is rather broad, though, so precise application might be tough or require the use of a brush.

    Overall, a good quality lip product for a fantastic price. This particular line offers both everyday and wild colors: about half of them are various shades of red, orange and light pink while the other half are vibrant pinks, fuschias, purples (including lavender), blue and black. So there's a little something for everyone's tastes, though if I could change anything, it would be to have more neutral/nude shades available. I would still very much recommend L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick... just look at swatches of each color before making a purchase.

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