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    June 18, 2010

    To be honest, I never thought this product would make my lashes grow or anything like this. I already have really long lashes but I have been treating them really badly for the last year. I use a lot of mascara, I actually use glam 24h which stays on for like 72hours or more so I never take time to take it of and when I do, I just rub it with my nails which makes my lashes come down with the mascara. I wouldn't pay 55$ for this, it's too much but I got it for free because I'm a big lise watier products user and decided to give it a try. Not for the grow thing but for the vitamins that my lashes really needed. I use it since it's released in may and I couldn't say I use it everyday but almost. My lashes feel a lot less dry and my mascara looks amazing applied over it. I only use it on the morning under my mascara even if they suggest to use it at night also. Well, it's been a while and since it wasn't what I was expecting, I didn't really noticed any length change since the other day, I lost a lash and realized how long they were. It's unbelievable!!! I really recommend this product for those girls who think their lashes are so small and need a boost!!! It is wooowwww. The price is really high and I didn't need a lash booster so I wouldn't have pay this price but if you need one, give it a try.

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