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    May 13, 2015

    My mom and I are avid Jodi Picoult readers. She has been our favourite author since we read My Sister's Keeper, and she rarely disappoints. Every time my mom is in Costco, she heads to the book section to see if they have any Picoult books. She found Lone Wolf there one day, and bought it (they're usually about 5 dollars cheaper at Costco than at a book store). She read and loved it, and passed it on to me like she does with all books she enjoys. I was reluctant to read it, thinking a novel about wolves wouldn't be my thing. Finally, after about 3 years, I found it in my cupboard while looking for a new book to read. I decided I would finally give it a try, and I am so happy I did!!
    I couldn't put the book down! Every detail of the story drew me in. The story is about a man and his daughter who are in a car accident and the man winds up in a vegetative state on life support. It is then up to his daughter and estranged son to make the decision on whether or not to terminate life support. This causes friction because both kids have a different opinion on what their father's wishes would be.
    As with most of Jodi's novels, she puts you in the head of each character, alternating the character narrative in each chapter. This creates a strong connection for the reader to each character and makes it difficult to choose a side, or even decide what you would do in a similar situation.
    Another similarity between this book and her others is that you get taken through a court trial, which I always thought was an interesting feature.
    The book is not only about wolves, as I had previously assumed by the title. However, wolves hold a strong theme in the book. The wolf aspect is so compelling and will give you a completely different view on the creatures, and on life and family and general.
    I am absolutely in love with this book. After finishing it, I was left feeling sad that it was over, and feeling like I will never be able to find another novel that will be as good and capture me so fully.
    I would recommend this novel to anyone and will pass it on to everyone I know. It is also very likely that this will become a novel I read over and over again, hoping that somehow, the outcome will be different.

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