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    April 16, 2014

    My hair was left brassy after my Blondissima bleach so, I went to the drug store and, even their personnel read the box with me and, recomended me it as what was stated on the box is that it can even remove salon dye colors. No where on the box did it mention this was a bleach. When I opened the box I had a really small bottle in there, that wouldn't even cover 1/4 of my head. After using it my hair had remained the same color so, I called L'Oreal to complain to them and, only then did the lady on the phone mention it was just a simple bleach and, that I should go to a salon to repair this. I got very agravated at this and, told her they should write it on the box that it's a simple bleach cause had I known I wouldn't have paid 2$ extra to get 1/4 bottle of bleach, I would've paid the 2$ less and, gotten a real bleach instead. I told her that this is false publicity and, could cost them many faithful customers such as me who has been dieing my hair since over 20 years with L'Oreal products. Finally they sent me a coupon for which ever hair dye I wanted. Which by the way they do for any of their hairdye products as I've had issues with them in the past.

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