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Recommended? You Betcha!
February 17, 2016

Love these things. I order a Caesar just to eat the beans. I've tried different ones these are the best. Thanks for creating a yummy product. Ate some today. It was a better day.




Recommended? You Betcha!
June 09, 2014

I became acquainted and fell in love with Matt & Steve's Extreme Beans while on a business trip about 4 or 5 years ago, however at the time I did not know what an Extreme Bean was. While waiting for my connecting flight in Calgary I had decided to spend my time in a little bar type restaurant to pass the time away. I am not a drinker of alcohol per say but this day I chose to have a Caesar. Typically, when I receive my drink it contains a piece of celery but not this time. I looked at my drink and I was like "what the heck"!!
Instead of a celery stick it had a bean!! A long, dark, taller than the glass green bean. I have never in my life had a bean in my Caesar and I almost tossed it aside. I asked the bartender why the heck would she have put a bean into my Caesar and she replied " That is not an ordinary bean, that is an Extreme Bean." Okay, ordinary or extreme or not that didn't quite quench my thirst for the knowledge I was seeking. The bartender kindly informed me that this bean was "pickled to perfection, hot and spicy but not a lava lovers and it adds just the right amount of zing to compliment the flavours in my drink". Well I had to take her at her word and by this time I was really curious. I actually could smell the aroma coming from the bean. I tried this Extreme Bean and WOW!! It was delicious and the bartender was correct. Yes it was spicy and hot but not overly to kill your will to breathe and make you running for a jug of milk or a piece of bread to calm your scorching mouth. That was the beginning of my love for the Extreme Bean.

I had moved onward and forward in my life since and often there were times when I had thought about that tasty bean that I fell in love with. I didn't know who made it nor did I really know if it was actually called an Extreme Bean!! It wasn't until a short time ago when by chance I had entered the world of "contesting". I saw across my feed a post to enter a giveaway for Matt & Steve's Extreme Beans and I thought to myself "No way!!!" Sure enough, it was the manufacturer of that delicious bean. I finally found them thanks to an invite to a post on Facebook. Who would have thought!

I had to contact Matt & Steve and tell them my story of how I became acquainted with their product. I informed them that I had tried their Hot & Spicy Extreme Bean but I had no idea that there were other products. I was very eager to try them and took the initiative and I asked for the opportunity to conduct a review and they said yes!!!! ( insert very happy smiley face). What was more than making me smile exuberantly was the fact that this company was built from the ground up by the innovative ideas of just 2 men from CANADA!!! I was ecstatic to find out that the company is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, just miles down the highway from me!!

I received my samples very quickly, almost overnight. The packaging of the product is beyond expectation.

The first Jar I HAD to open and try was the Extreme Bean Hot & Spicy Pickled Beans just so I could re-acquaint myself with that hot rush and zing. Yup that was it!! I fell in love all over again!!

The second jar I opened was the Extreme Bean Garlic & Dill Pickled Beans. I love garlic and love dill so I was having high hopes for these beans and they certainly lived up to the expectation. They were terrific!! It wouldn't have mattered how much garlic those beans managed to infuse into their tasty flesh for my tastes but as other do not like much garlic I am certain these will please your palette.

I had used some of these beans, cut them up and placed them in my tossed salad. I also used some in the stir fry that we made AND I had steamed some (just for fun) and used them as a decorative topping on the rice that we had for dinner. Each dish turned out beautifully!!

The third jar that I was excited to open was the Extreme Bean Sweet & Savory Pickled Beans. OMG!! These are to die for!! Just the right amount of sweetness to savory ratio. They are a dream. The hubby says they remind him of bread and butter pickles but I think he's crazy and his taste buds are on vacation.

I used some of the beans as a side with sandwiches that I made the guys for lunch and they were a hit with everyone.

Last but not least the last jar to open was the Hot & Spicy Extreme Bean Stuffed Olives. I absolutely love olives, especially the small stuffed manzanilla type. These Olives are EXTREME!! Huge as a matter of fact and stuffed with, you guessed it, an Extreme Bean!! The flavour that bursts over your tastes buds as you take a bite is heavenly. The combination of the olive and the bean flavours fuse together into a deliciously tasting medley of goodness.

The tins of Caesar Rimmer were the last to be tasted. Just as I expected the flavour was wonderful. I had got to thinking as I dipped my teaspoon in the tin to take a taste and wondered if this was the secret ingredient as well to the perfect Caesar that I had tasted on that business trip so long ago. I certainly believe it was!!

If you love beans you will certainly love Matt & Steve's Extreme Beans!!

Matt & Steve's manufactures more than just Extreme Beans

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