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Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy is an advanced, science-based combination of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids-incorporating 1 mg of folate. Current research suggests that omega-3 fatty acids support fetal development, a smooth pregnancy, and a positive mood. For added health benefits, Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy also provides a generous level of choline and an array of natural antioxidants that reflect that latest research in prenatal nutrition. Proper prenatal nutrition, including omega-3 fatty acids, is critical to maintaining the optimal health of both mother and child. Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy provides comprehensive nutritional support-from the moment the decision is made to have a child through the act of nursing-all in one packet daily.

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May 18, 2011

These prenatal vitamins are freakin' expensive. Packaged in a jumbo jar with individually wrapped servings of daily vitamins for one month, it will cost you around $80 CAD. I started taking these on recommendation of a friend who got them from her Naturopath. There are 8 pills in each package that you are supposed to take every day. I split mine in half so it lasts 2 months. Partly because of the price but also because I found there was just too much in each serving. I'm not convinced all body sizes and metabolisms should have the same amount of vitamins and supplements. I was a buck 15 before getting pregnant and I don't see how someone 30lbs heavier should have the same dose.

In my case I knew it was too much because (sorry if TMI), it was causing florescent urine and I could taste the vitamins with every burp all day long. Gross! Cutting the dose in half made a huge difference and I've found that I've been very healthy throughout my pregnancy since I started taking these. I feel really great and have so far managed to avoid getting sick, which I think is largely thanks to getting all of my vitamins and supplements.

It is by no means a substitution for eating healthy, which I also do but I feel better knowing I'm getting an extra boost for my baby.

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