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June 08, 2009

This book tells the story of Rosalie, a Manhattan socialite who writes for an advice column in a teen magazine. Rosalie and her closest friends are a group of aspiring actors who have been friends since college. The main plot of the book focuses on Rosalie’s illicit affair with one of her best friends’ fathers. On top of keeping this major secret Rosalie also struggles with her changing role in her group of friends – growing older, new romances and newfound success threaten to change the group forever and leave Rose feeling lost.

While the plot seems to offer some stimulating storylines, and interesting characters I found myself hating this book. Not only did I not care about the characters or what happened to them but I also did not care for the way the book was written. Delbanco uses language that is overly flowery and complicated for a fluffy chicklit novel. I consider myself to be fairly intelligent but in many cases found myself struggling to understand entire scenes due to the unnecessarily complicated language.

I would not recommend this book at all. I am usually an avid reader, but I struggled to the end of this book. I can’t even say the ending was worth struggling through the insufferably boring and predictable plot.

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