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Area repellent spray which provides quick, instant action to bug problems. A pleasant country fresh scent and a repellent you don't have to put on your skin. 16 oz. aerosol can.

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    July 15, 2011

    If you are planning to have a back yard party, BBQ, going on a camping trip, or you just want to lie around your back yard in the evening, then Off Yard and Deck Spray is what you need to keep those little bighting buggers away. We had a Buck & Doe party at a friend's house a few years ago. They have a tree line yard with a bush in behind them, witch just breads the little buggers like crazy. We were worried enough because of the type of tree's they have the mosquito's just loved, but when it had rained the night before we were really worried. The rain tends to bring them out more and we had to spray the whole yard, or all of the guests would have bin eaten alive, or carried away, there were so many flying around. So we pulled out the Off Yard and Deck Spray and went at it. By the time everyone was arriving to the party not one mosquito was flying around. Not one person complained about being bitten, or even mentioned mosquitos to any of us and the party was a great hit. I only use Off Yard and Deck Spray now and it hasn't failed me ounce.

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