Origins - A Perfect World Deep Cleanser Reviews

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Recommended? You Betcha!
June 08, 2016

the cleanser is very smooth but as soon as you wash it off your skin feels super clean and fresh! the product really isnt expensive and the bottle last a long time because it doesnt take much product per cleaning. I was doubtful at first because it less expensive then the competing cleansers but this is truly my favorite cleanser so far. When activitated with water, it spreads perfectly and removes all the impurities your skin has picked up during the day. It smells fresh and feels even fresher!




Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
September 09, 2011

I got this cleanser with their Earth Day trade in program.
I have combination skin that tends to be oily on the nose and forehead but I chose this cleanser over Checks and Balances (for oily skin) because my cheeks can get a little dry with harsher cleansers. Overall I did like this cleanser, I felt it did a nice job cleansing my skin. You only need a little bit to do your whole face which is a big bonus because I find some drugstore cleansers just aren't as effective unless you use a lot. I did find it a tad drying but nothing some moisturizer couldn't fix. I didn't find the smell offensive, it is a "planty" smell though so if that isn't your thing you might not like it.

The only downside to this product was the packaging. The product is quite running and since the cap twists off it can get a little fiddle to get product out and put the cap back on. My cap is a complete mess because the product dribbles out as I'm trying to cap it back on. The regular packaging appears to be a snap cap which would be easier to use but still would be very messy to due to the runny product.

If you accidentally get it in your eye it burns like crazy, I would say worse then some other cleansers I have tried. It's not really a con since I was being clumsy but man it hurt so bad.

All in all it is a solid product but not really worth it for the price in my opinion. Origins touts that it's a "natural brand" but the ingredient list says otherwise, personally I'm not too picky about parabens and SLS and whatnot but for those who are I guess this is just a heads up.

I would say this cleanser is on par with Neutrogena's Fresh foaming cleanser. Atleast for my skin.

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