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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    February 05, 2016

    **NOTE- this review is about the canned variety**

    As a general rule, I find that Purina brand tends to be on the lower end of medium quality pet food. Most purina products I have purchased for my fur babies haven't been the ideal formulations of ingredients that I would like to feed them (e.g., no corn, wheat, or soy, with a real meat - not by-product - preferably poultry or fish, as the first ingredient). That being said, for the most part, Purina foods aren't HORRIBLE like some other brands out there that fail ALL of the aforementioned pet food guidelines. That, and the fact that Purina tends to be MUCH more affordable than the high quality pet foods, comparatively. Thus, I tend to purchase Purina brands quite often, especially when funds are tight.

    What lead me to this particular variety of Purina, the ProPlan Focus for sensitive skin & stomach, was actually the end result of extensive research. One of my pets, Romeo, has congestive heart failure, amung other heart related issues, and thus is on a restricted sodium diet. Prescription pet food diets are extremely expensive, and countless hours of searching lead me to this variety, at only .05% sodium content (which is MUCH lower than most brands coming in at well over .2% sodium content). Low sodium + low price = too good to be true, or so I thought. Before purchasing, I evaluated the ingredients, and they seemed to be pretty good. While water was the first ingredient, being a wet food, I was okay with that. With salmon, rice, and fish coming in as the next three ingredients, it kind of passed my next few tests. Loved that salmon was the main protein source. Rice, while I wasn't thrilled with a grain being the main protein source, still much better than say, corn, so again, I was okay with that. Fish coming in as the next ingredient I am iffy on. "Fish" seems more ambiguous than I would like, but its still a portion source and not a by-product, so again, okay with it. The only thing I didn't like, was the lack of vitamins and supplements, but I decided to purchase those separately as supplements, and give those to Romeo separately. In summation of this research, I purchased this 12 can pack.

    The case arrived, and when I opened the first can, my first impression was "wow this is some stinky food!" But I am a human, and what the heck to I know about what dogs find appetizing. Well, Romeo must have agreed, because he did not like it, at all. This is coming from a dog who LOVES food, especially wet food. He typically licks his bowl for several minutes after he finishes eat ANY brand I have given him in the past (he is 15 years old by the way!) He has been protesting this food for several days, eating a few bites and then begging for food next to the full bowl of this Purina Pro Plan, and stealing food from the other pets in the house whenever he can get away with it. In addition to not liking this food at all, I find it ironic that this is labeled for sensitive skin and stomach, because he's been butt scooting and has even thrown-up a few times since I began feeding this to him. Granted, this could be to the stolen other foods he's been sneaking, but I usually catch him and stop him promptly. He's also been shaking a lot lately, and it is late may in Nevada, so its definitely not because of the weather. Again, I can't say for sure that the shaking is due to this food, but it did start right around the time of the switch.

    Its been several days, and I am read to give in and buy him another brand. Take away here, it doesn't matter what ingredients are in the food, or how affordable it is, if the pet just won't eat it.

    Very affordable
    Decent ingredients
    Low sodium content

    Poor Palatability
    Foul Smell

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    October 23, 2014

    I have a mastiff mix with an allergy to beef and grain who had fur loss and basically a full body yeast infection secondary to the allergic reaction. Our vet recommended this particular food as an alternative to the Royal Canin brand food that they had in the vet's office. (we now have him on the Costco version of Salmon and Sweet Potato since he eats so danged much).

    This food was great for him, his skin cleared up almost immediately, he had more energy (he's 7), and was more vital and sassy than ever before. Cost wise it's a no brainer between this and the vet office's stuff, this is the better value. We did switch him as his appetite increased though - didnt' have any issues with stomach or gas when we did. A great food for sensitive pups.

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    January 11, 2014

    My 3 dogs love this food! I have 1 dog allergic to grass..not so awesome....and my "Healey" dog seems to have a very sensitive stomach. This is the only food I have tried for them that seems to work. Wish it was a better price as I'm a self confessed cheapo...LOL! But you gotta do what you gotta do.

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