• Right Guard Extreme Invisible 72h Anti-perspirant Deodorant
  • Right Guard Extreme Invisible 72h Anti-perspirant Deodorant
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Right Guard Extreme Invisible 72h Anti-perspirant Deodorant Reviews

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June 09, 2013

I received Right Guard Extreme Invisible 72h antiperspirant deodorant for free from Right Guard to try and give my honest feedback.

In my kit I received two full size bottles of spray deodorant and £1 off coupons which were a great hit with my friends and family. I've told everyone that Right Guard was on half price offer at Tesco at £1.14 instead of the usual £2.29 so with money off they could have it for 14p!

Right Guard Extreme Invisible claims to provide protection against white, oily and yellow stains. This high performance antiperspirant also boasts to to provide protection from sweat and body odour for up to 72 hours. It is powder free, alcohol free and dermatologically tested also available as a roll on.

The deodorant comes in 150ml black aerosol can with pink design and a back top. If I'm honest the packaging is far too masculine for my liking and I tend to buy something more natural looking such as Dove, Sure or Sanex. Being black I would imagine that Right Guard stands out on a shelf next to a dozen of white cans. Funny enough though prior to this trial I didn't even know that Right Guard did women deodorants, I always thought of it as a 'man' product! Maybe because my husband uses Right Guard or maybe because it stands out so much I did't notice it? If you know what I mean?

The smell was lovely with floral/fruity undertones, quite strong but not overpowering and did't leave me in fits of sneezing and coughing. It faded after some time but that's what you would expect from a deodorant anyway. It did not irritate my skin.

This deodorant is 100% invisible and I conducted a test prove it. I sprayed and rolled on six different deodorants onto a black card and Right Guard came a clear winner. When I applied it on to my armpit it also did not leave any white flaking marks like some of the other deodorants do. It didn't leave oily stains on any of my clothing and as to yellow stains I can't tell just yet as those are caused by deodorant oxidising over time. I had to chuck some white tops in the past due yellow stains and would like to hope that Right Guard will help to tackle those!

Regarding keeping me dry it offered adequate protection. Being a busy mum of two young boys I am constantly on the move; chasing them, taking them places not to mention never stopping cleaning and ironing. Right Guard worked well for me and kept me dry on most days. However when I went on a brisk 20 min walk pushing a double buggy with two kids in it I felt a bit of wetness under my arms, not as much to start emerging as embarrassing wet patches under arms but still not what what I expected. Since Right Guard Extreme claims to be high performance antiperspirant I tested it at the gym and after doing 5k run on the treadmill I was sweating but dripping sweat under my arms. So 72 hour protection without reapplying? I doubt it but I couldn't bring myself to go 3 days without showering anyway.

All things considered, it's a good deodorant and I would recommend it especially if like me you can't stand white marks. Would definitely buy it if it was on promotion but wouldn't go out of my way to pay the full price of £2.29.

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