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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
March 16, 2016

I was so disappointed in this razor. the razor in the soap wiggles & bounces around a lot in a jerky manner. I actually cut my knee using it & I have never done that before. It also didn't shave my legs smooth, there was lots of stubble no matter how many times I went over the area. It was extremely disappointing for a Schick product. I would never buy one again.




Recommended? You Betcha!
August 26, 2013

First impressions is that the packaging is cute and its got a great scent. First time I used it, was a strange feeling because it didnt even feel like I was shaving. Use to feeling the razor running over my skin but could only feel the Conditioning Solid gliding over my skin. Had to double check that I hadnt missed a spot haha, but the four blades didnt miss anything. Legs were smooth and felt great after my shave.

Second time using, same impression. Didnt feel like I was shaving. Did notice that the bottom of the Conditioning Solid is wearing out much quicker then the top, so I assume at some point Ill have some on top and not the bottom. Not sure there is a fix for that thou. But I do like the way its set up because I've used the Venus Pro Glide and the conditioning solid stuff on that razor fell off after one use. Dont feel like I need to worry about that in this case. Do think the Conditioning Solid might wear out before the razor is worn though but I guess thats unavoidable really. You do have to make sure if you're using this in the tub that you turn it over to drain the water out because the way the cartridge is designed, it will hold water.

Overall, Im impressed with the razor. No major downfall to it and it makes shaving quick and simple. Is a little bulky if you want to use it for armpits or bikini area. Dont think it could be a razor that would serve all my purposes, but for legs its great. I am curious to see how long the Conditioning Solid will last but only time will tell with that. However for the time being, really enjoying this razor.

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