Wet ' Wild’s Ultimate Minerals Loose Blush Reviews

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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
April 19, 2015

This stuff I had high hopes for but it's so powdery that it doesn't stay on the skin. It has no pigmentation, it just feels super dry and way too powdery.




Recommended? You Betcha!
October 22, 2014

Amazing product for such a good price. It is perfection. Makes my face looks so healthy and also so natural.




Recommended? You Betcha!
October 04, 2009

I think the packaging is lovely; they come in a 0.17oz jars with a double lid. When you unscrew the outer lid off, you find a second liftable lid that stays attached to one side of the jar. You might have seen this kind of packaging in other loose mineral makeup, but if not, I’ll describe it to you. The inner lid has inward projections that insert into the little holes through which the loose makeup comes out of. So when you open the first lid, you won’t have all a cloud of mineral makeup floating or spilling around because a second lid prevents it from coming out of the little holes. I love the security this kind of packaging provides, not just keeping the loose makeup under a shield with holes, but also capping the holes so you don’t waste product and/or make a mess.

I got the loose powder in #163 Pinched Pink, which is the lightest color they have (and the only color they had at my local Walmart) and I wasn’t sure it was going to look good on my skin because it looks rather bright if you look at the product from the outside of the packaging. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that the color is amazing and it looks good on my skin. It is not very pigmented, and I actually like that about this blush because it allows me to apply just a hint of pink, and then build over it as desired. It is buildable, so if you want a more noticeable color, a couple more brush strokes do just fine.

I have two major complaints about the products. First, it’s shimmery. I don’t think it’s a terrible thing and I have nothing against shimmery makeup, but I would prefer a matte variety. My second complaint is that it makes my face itch and burn. It’s not as bad as making me puff and turn red, but these products do make my face itch considerably. The itch starts about 30 minutes after I’ve put on all my makeup, lasts for about 30 more minutes, then either goes away or I stop noticing it’s there. I’ve searched people’s reviews on these products to see if they have had similar problems, but apparently it’s just me. Or no one else is writing about it on the Internet. But I love this blush, I just in love with the color. I still use the blush daily and I love the subtle color it gives to my cheeks. So I apply less product in an effort to minimize the itch, and it’s actually better.

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