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    September 28, 2014

    I tried to contact the owner of the Aloha Nail Spa with my service concerns twice - neither of my phone calls were returned. I attended this spa with my daughter and her bridesmaid prior to my daughter's wedding. It's all about the speed! Relaxing? Not a chance! I left feeling like a sheep put through the shearing process. The pedicurist slapped my lower legs to let me know when I needed to put my feet back and forth from the footpath. Meanwhile the manicurist was yanking my arms and fingers around. In the space of three chairs we totalled 9 people (3 customers, 3 manicurists and 3 pedicurists) then add the people wandering by with the colour boards that needed answers pronto and you can imagine the chaos. None of the people working on me spoke my language (English) making communication difficult. In the end, my feet needed more work after the polish was on. Prior to the polish, I advised my manicurist that my nails looked jagged and crooked to which she nodded and kept proceeding to apply polish. I asked for the emory board and evened them out myself! I won't be sending any friends to this business.

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