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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
September 07, 2015

I am not sure if my review will be posted but I have to tell you that I was not happy with the results of Dr. Ali Adibfar job at all. It was expensive and not worth it. My eyes look different now. Doctor offered me to inject filler to cover his poor job! How unprofessional it is!
Once he receives a full payment from you, he is losing his interest
I would not recommend Dr. Ali Adibfar. Most of positive reviews comes not from his real patients.

Bedside manner

Quality of Service


Recommended? You Betcha!
April 09, 2007

This plastic Surgeon came highly recommended to me, for anyone considering plastic surgery Dr.Ali Adibfar
is the best at everything.Whether you choose a tummy tuck,breast augumentation,nasal work,face lift,oral surgery or the latest botox procedure this doc does it all. Let's face it.It's a jungle out there! It's no wonder so many woman are confused,frustrated or just plain overwhelmed when it comes to choosing or having plastic surgery.When it came to my procedure,the expectations were made clear to me right from the start.Dr Adibfar provided me with a wealth of information and understanding.I knew exactly what was involved and what I could expect to acheive.His staff made me feel comfortable .The interaction with his office was always professional and prompt.Overall the integrity and competence of his establishment was admirable combined with Knowledge,skills of Dr Ali Adibfar (over 20 years of education!) I rate this a definite "You Betcha! "
This plastic surgeon is a perfectionist.More importantly unlike others in his field,his follow up service was equally impressive. Dr Adibfar truly enhanced my looks with out changing who I am. I've traveled throughout the world and wether its botox or surgery, I hear individuals remarking on how great he is,consequently thats why I always go back to Toronto for Dr Adibfar.
I choose to look my best,image is a big part of my industry thats why I understand the importance of having a chick advisor !
The experience truly enhanced the way I look at myself-and my new-found confidence has allowed others to see me differently,too! I feel and look my absolute best.Seek this doc out !" He's worth it.

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