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Ranked #50 out of 158 in Boutiques & Malls (Toronto, Ontario)

Address: 266 Jane St.
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416.913.0546

Average Price:  $100.00

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Recommended? You Betcha!
April 20, 2011

I first noticed this sweet little store several months ago when house hunting in the area. I spotted this great dress in the window that I thought would be perfect for an upcoming summer wedding I'm attending. Some pregnant friends had noticed it too and we were all curious what the clothes would be like. They really do have great window displays.

I finally had the chance to pop in a few weeks ago and unfortunately I was a little disappointed. The service was fantastic. The owner is really sweet and will go out of her way to find things for you even if certain items aren't on the floor yet. The decor is cute! The change room area has pretty chandeliers and there is a little sitting area with tea. Really she thought of everything for making this place look great. What disappointed me was the quality of the clothes for the price. The fabrics are for the most part are quite cheap and poorly made, yet the prices don't reflect that. Many items are in the $100 range but are made with 100% polyester or the cheaper stretchy cotton that you find at stores like H&M;or other places where they are charging $20 - $30 for similar (or better) quality.

As I was trying on several dresses, I could hear the little threads snapping just pulling the garment over my head. These weren't items that were too small for me, they were just quite cheaply made. I'd never pay $100 for something like that when I know I can get the same quality elsewhere for a fraction of the price.

What I'd love to see from this store is better quality items. I'm sure it's much harder for a small independents to sell for the low prices we see at chains like H&M;and the Gap, but if they provided superior quality merchandise, I wouldn't have any problem paying more for it. It's the cheap disposable clothing sold for considerably more than it is elsewhere that I can't bring myself to do - even though I love to support local businesses and I love the fact that they have nursing clothes as well - which are NOT easy to find!

I'll keep an eye on the store and hope eventually they bring in better quality items or reduce their prices to be a bit more competitive. I haven't written it off so I'm still going to say "You Betcha", but it's with the above warning.

Has anyone else been here? I'd love to know what you think.

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