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March 31, 2015

I'm sure most have heard of Forever 21 or visited a store before. We all know that their clothing is generally well-priced. Their quality is hit and miss - you get what you pay for type thing, but there are some items that are well worth buying there. I really like the styles of their Love 21 line - although usually the sizing is generally off, as it fits 1-2 sizes bigger than usual.

I placed an order online for 1 top, because they were out of stock in my size in store. They had a 30% off promo code, so I was thrilled to use that. I entered it, it was applied to my total, I reviewed it and submitted my order with 30% off. When I received the item at my house, the shipping receipt did not reflect the 30% discount. I wasn't worried as I thought a quick phone call would resolve the issue. Well...not so much!

2 "customer service" representatives later and NO call back from a supervisor or manager (as promised) and I am still stuck with a top at full-price.

Here is the review I posted to their website, although I'm positive they won't approve it to be displayed:

Customer service, or the LACK OF, is absolutely terrible!! I have never been treated so poorly! The toll free number was no help and there are no supervisors or managers available. I had to call long distance to speak with someone and STILL that did not resolve the issue. A complete waste of time. I pursued the complaint with them as I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt to correct the issue. Instead, I was accused of lying and not appreciated as a customer at all. "There is nothing we can do" was all I received. I entered their 30% off promo code upon checkout, saw that it was applied and pressed submit. However, it did not show up on my shipping receipt. I thought, no problem, I will call to get the refund of $7.17 that was supposed to be deducted from my bill, as I saw it applied when I confirmed my purchase and consent to charge my credit card for that amount. They have "no record" of it. They could have continued to have me as a customer by refunding me the $7.17 that was originally offered to me through their promo code, but NO, instead they showed their true colours as a company - one that does not care about their customers. SO disappointing!! I will no longer will shopping in store or online at Forever 21.

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