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March 14, 2015

This place teeter totters between good and just straight up nasty! I think there is one cook there who just doesn't give a crap about his job. For example I just got their new Boston Scrod dinner last Thursday with sweet potato fries. was HORRIBLE, I could tell the fries had been sitting under a warmer lamp for probably hours they were dark colored and cold and soggy, the fish batter was actually pretty good but the fish itself NASTY! I've never had that kind of fish before so I'm not sure if it's just that type of fish or what but it was like eating gristle or chicken gizzards only it was fish...eww. Their food is mediocre at best like some bad frozen reheated diner food from the 80's. The only thing besides the deserts I actually like is the whitefish, BUT only when it is cooked right which half the time it is not. The reason why I know is because sometimes it is actually hot crispy, golden brown fish with a nice lemon undertone, and the fries are hot and crispy. The other half of the time it looks almost half burned and is cold and soggy, they really need to get better cooks in there and start making their food fresh instead of throwing frozen food in a deep fryer.

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