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January 06, 2016

We stopped at this McDonalds on our way home from vacation. We flew into the local airport at 2 am and after getting our car, we were at the drive through shortly after 3 am. The worker immediately came on the speaker and told us they are only serving coffee and muffins until 5am. What? It is a 24 hour restaurant. Whether it be breakfast or dinner available at 3 am. They should have something available. I asked if they could put something in the fryer for us and they said no. So we said fine, we will have 3 coffees then. The man was silent then said "well I'm going to have to make the coffee then". So we sat at the window for almost 5 minutes before started to pour the coffee into cups. During this wait, a homeless gentleman squeezed himself between our car and the window and they handed him a bag of food. On one hand I was happy that they were giving food to this gentleman but on the other hand...I was willing to pay for it.
We won't return to this McDonalds.

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