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Ranked #2 out of 43 in Asian (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Address: 227 2nd Ave S
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K1K8
Phone: 306-651-3888

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November 21, 2011

Otowa IS the best place for sushi in Saskatoon. Forget Sushiro, forget Go For Sushi. There is NO other place like it!

Otowa is another one of those places that looks like a little hole in the wall. Blink and you may miss it. However, it all adds to the ambience of the place. It feels warm, personal, secluded and inviting. It is as warm as the food they serve. Start with the miso soup-I have tried many kinds of miso and the broth for this one is imcomparable. It is warm, rich, flavorful and so savory, I challenge you not to drink from your bowl. I have burnt my tongue (gladly) on many occasions because I could not wait to dig into my soup. Next, try a small or large Otowa salad. I am not a ginger fan but the ground ginger dressing on this salad is nothing short of amazing. There are undertones of onion and possible garlic (I have never been able to decide) and it is the perfect combination of savory and sour (rice wine maybe) over crisp cold veggies. If you are up to it, start with an appetizer. Their tempura batter on their enormous shirimp is light as air. Or try their kalamari with lots of lemon-it is the least rubbery and most buttery squid I have ever had! They have a HUGE selection of sushi, nigiri and both hot and cold rolls to move onto from here. I usually have a spicy tuna roll (so simple, so good) and a tiger roll (who knew melted cheese and hot sauce over a warm shrimp tempura roll would taste like this) and a couple pieces of nigiri. Try to go on Tuesdays when most sushi places have their freshest cuts. Sometimes the nigiri does show up to your table with the rind on it of older cuts but it is very rare! I recommend capping your perfect meal with a bowl of tempura battered icecream served with a dusting of icing sugar and some peaches-again simple but amazing!

Prices can range from $20 to upwards of $50 per person depending on what you have. Or you can spend around $10 on a meat and rice dish (they are also amazing). Whatever you are craving-this is the place to go!

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