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    February 20, 2011

    I was super excited when I found a salon in Toronto that has Gelish. It's similar to Shellac and Axxium but there are almost 50 colors to choose from. I love options so I thought I would give it a try.

    I had been going there for about a month (notice I said 'HAD'). The service is good, the price is average-it's what I would expect to pay for this product/application. Pretty in the city is known for it's eyelash extensions-apparently they are amazing. I haven't tried them for this yet so I can't comment on that but I will say that the eyelash room is always full when I have been there. The staff is friendly, but the salon is small and I am always moving my chair in for staff to walk behind me. Location, location, location!

    My only hang up with this place is that they almost never pick up the phone. When you call to make an appointment, you have to leave a message and someone will (eventually) call you back. Sometimes they will call you within an hour, sometimes it will be a day. This normally wasn't a problem for me-but if you are in a rush or are going to be late, you may have an issue!

    Case in point-I had an appointment for Friday at 6pm. I get off work at 5pm. I got stuck on the subway (underground) due to what the TTC termed a 'personal injury on track level.' At the next station, I got off the train and tried to call Pretty in the City TWICE. No answer! I got back on the train and got stuck in between stations. I got off the train and was waiting for a shuttle bus (since all the trains were turning back at a station before my stop). That was at 5:45 pm. So I called again and left a message asking Pretty in the City to call me on my work phone. Nothing. I called and left another message asking someone to please call me back as soon as possible. I didn't want to get on a shuttle bus, get there and be told that I was late, and they couldn't fit me in!

    Well, someone listened to my message and called my home number (I wasn't home so I didn't get that message). So when they finally called me back at 6:30, I had already gone home and was really frustrated!! The technician said that they could possibly reschedule but since I am leaving on Monday for a business trip, I didn't want to take the chance.

    I am most likely not going to return here. I am pretty disappointed that they don't think it is important to answer the phone. Isn't that how salons get business-by making appointments?

    So the Gelish is great but you are taking a chance with service......

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