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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
March 06, 2012

I've been to both locations- Bathurst and Bloor and Yonge and Eg and I received such different service!

I need to go to speciality stores like this to find bras and often when I go, I am spending a few hundred dollars so my expectation is to have a good consultant who know what they are doing and can offer me a good selection. When I went to the Bathurst location, I loved the service, they were friendly, welcoming and fun. I loved that they listened to what I wanted and gave me two excellent options.

The second time I went, right off the bat, being a walk in, they were pretty rude to us. After waiting for a while, they were finally able to take us. My fitting wasn't bad, but it wasn't the greatest, I felt like she didn't really know what she was doing and the bras she gave me weren't quite what I wanted.

It's difficult for me to find bras, but I don't think I will be going back there. For the price, I expect better service at all locations and a better selection of bras.




Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
March 06, 2012

Worst Customer Treatment Ever!
I have shopped at Secrets various times, and had good experiences in the store. However, Never, Ever order something that they don't have in stock. And, their stock selection is small, so ordering an item (eg. a bra you tried on but in a different colour). If you give them a deposit and your bra never comes in, they will turn it into a store credit that expires, forcing you to come in an purchase something so you don't lose your money. They will refuse to give your money back and extend a store credit (don't believe what they say verbally to you about your deposit when giving it to them!). Shady, Shady business practices....

In my case, they never called me (I dropped by the store and called multiple times, only to be brushed off and told I had to wait). It wasn't until nearly a year later, that when I showed up at the store they informed me that the bra had never come in and was discontinued. Then they further informed me that they had no records of my calls or showing up, and that they had made calls (apparently the bra had come in), and that I had failed to respond. They had made calls to me indeed, but these were sales calls to let me know about new bra lines I might be interested in, not about the ordered bra and money I had already give them. Wow! I have never dealt with a store that has so much disregard and behaves with so much dismissal of their customers. Such lack of integrity and lies!

Upper management will be appalling disrespectful and tell you that their and that their records are accurate, period, end of story, and eat it. If you have a grievance, don't ever expect an apology, much less a fair solution. If you get upset with them, you will be told that your behaviour is inappropriate. They're right, your're wrong, period. They , and their employees, are above reproach. Literally, I have an email from Secrets management that says as much.

I was fooled for a long time, believing that the veneer of helpfulness, kindness, and regard for customers was outstanding. However, the records they do keep are not meaningful business records, but nastiness about customers. I have found this out from reaching out to other customers who have had problems with them and their practices. They don't care about an individual customer; they believe in their own hype that they are the best and that people will continue to shop there. Also, they talk big about taking bras back (guarantee) but they will suddenly become very sleazy and coercive when you try to use their guarantee and make a return. Ladies, we deserve better!




Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
July 10, 2010

Welcome to one of the few places in Toronto to find DD plus bras. Unfortunately, the ROTTEN customer service far outweighs the advantages of a good bra fitting.

I have been to both stores, and by far the one on Bloor is the way to go! The associates at the Yonge location are terribly rude. Forget about walk-ins, if you want them to give you the time of day you must sign up for a bra fitting- contrary to their website. I walked in to try on a bra, because thankfully I am one of the 20% who know my proper bra size. When I asked one of the available associates if she had any black balconettes in my size I was rudely told "I can't help you. If you need help you need to sign up for a fitting and wait in the line". Then I was reminded as I was leaving that I MUST sign up for a bra fitting if I need help next time.

If you want to go to this store and have them help you, make sure you come in with no knowledge of bras and be ready to wait at least 45 minutes for help. Also, be prepared to drop a pretty penny, their bras range from $50- $200 . Also, if you want a bag to carry your personal undergarments, be prepared to cough up another $5 for a bag. I was conveniently told they no longer carry anything other than their reusable bags.

When I wrote an email about my terrible experience this is the replay I recieved:

" I am sorry you have had a poor experience at our store. Everyone does have an off day as we are all human.

In your situation the problem comes up when other women have been on the waiting list for some time and you go in front of them and take up the fitter's time. I understand you know your size but someone still has to get the bra for you. While a fitter is with one customer, she has much to concentrate on and this can throw off another customer's experience.

While I was not there to see what the situation was, the list is for anyone who would like to try on bras for the simple reason that someone has to get the bras for them, then often adjust the straps and get a new size. We are a bra fitting shop not a lingerie store and therefore cannot be self serve.

I understand if you do not want to shop at our store anymore. However, you are able to make appointments for Saturdays so you can be helped at the time you require. The service is excellent at both stores and we work best when the store runs the way it is set up to. Today, I hear was a crazy day and you just happened to not have the time and either did ****. It would have been better for her to use a better tone as I am sure you would have found more understanding if treated with more respect.

Thank you for your feedback, it is very much appreciated."

So, if you're looking for a "Lingerie Store", this is apparently not the place to go!

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