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Quality of Service

Recommended? You Betcha!
December 05, 2014

I've just been to the new location of this restaurant (120 Adelaide St. West) and the quality of the food was fantastic. All of the sandwiches are on the best quality bread, can't wait to go again and test drive the rest of the menu!



Quality of Service

Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
February 17, 2012

To be fair, I haven't actually been at this restaurant for awhile, but I went when it first opened and had an okay experience. The food wasn't anything special, and the service was totally average. I had been really excited about going because I love micro-breweries, but our entire dinner was overshadowed by the extremely loud atmosphere. A table behind us had a young child that they gave utensils to play with - and the kid repeatedly left their table to randomly stab other patrons. I know it's not their place, but the servers never stepped up to offer an alternative to keep the kid busy.

I figured our visit was a fluke, and recommended the place to my parents a few weeks ago. They returned totally underwhelmed by the place. Their food was cold, the service was average and the ambiance threw them off as well.

So while it looks fun and interesting, I wouldn't recommend this place any more. There are plenty of other options in the immediate area.



Quality of Service

Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
October 19, 2011

I am really disappointed in this restaurant. I had never eaten there before, I went for the first time last night and has a really bad experience.

I love micro-breweries so I was really looking forward to some good beer and decent pub food. It was very busy but we got a table very quickly. They were obviously short staffed though- we weren't looked after a ton and we were also looked after by a few different random people. I was with a friend so we ordered a pitcher of a beer cocktail. It was room temperature and pretty flat.

We let that slide though- we got our food- two personal pizzas. 5 minutes in my friend found a hair in her food. We polietly asked for a new one. They apologized.

5 minutes later- I found a hair in my food. They apologized, took it off my bill and gave me dessert. They were nice about everything but they didn't take anything off for my friend.

All in all- it just isn't worth going back. I wouldn't chance it again. The prices are not too expensive. A pitcher is about 13 and pizzas were about 11. But for that, I expect not too find hairs in my food.

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