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The Hour Glass Workout Reviews - Toronto

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    December 26, 2016

    By far one (if not the) best women's fitness program in Toronto... and ONLINE. I have taken classes at several Hourglass Workout locations and have completed Lyzabeth's online workout program (here is a review of it by the way: http://curlsandkicks.com/lyzabeth-lopez-online-training-review/)

    All the Hourglass instructors are SUPER knowledgable and supportive. Newbies rest assured you are in good hands!

    They provide fun workouts using a variety of specialized equipment. Hourglass Workout also comes with full meal plans and nutritional guidance. Can't rave about this progam enough! If you are in the GTA or Montreal definitely worth checking out in person classes!

    And those of you in the US check out the online program!

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    Quality of Staff

    The Facility

    Recommended? You Betcha!
    June 03, 2009

    I've been training really hard for a fitness competition in September. I decided to switch up my training and take the Hour Glass Workout with Lyzabeth Lopez.

    I found her on facebook one day and have been following her fitness success. I decide that I needed to train with a fitness model who's done it before and knows women's bodies.

    I signed up for the May program and loved it. The workout was a combination of outdoor cardio, weight training, plyometrics, pilates and good ol fashion moves to sculpt and tone.

    Our very first day we started out running flat, hills and stairs, pushups, running jumps, shuffles, training with bands, weights, more stair running and poof we were done. The shin splints I got had just started. So much for me running full out thinking I'm a superstar.

    The ladies in the workout were amazing. Full of laughs, words of encouragement and friendly smiles.

    Lyzabeth makes everyone a meal plan to follow based on your needs. There were weight gain and weight loss girls in the group. So she would does out the cardio or weights based on goals. She would challenge me if I wasn't lifting heavy enough and would push me to my limits. I've noticed differences over the past month and love the changes.

    I have run away from pushups. Can't even do 2 without giving up. I'm now up to an easy 10 and push myself to 20. That's huge for me!

    We did a nutrition workshop where I asked a million and 1 questions about superfoods, protein powder, calorie intake, etc. We also had a field trip to the Dynamic Conditioning Centre here in Toronto and got to play in the crazy playground they call a gym.

    Overall, I'm so happy with the results and the time well spent. The cost of a month is $200 and well worth it. The first picture is the one and only Lyzabeth Lopez who runs the amazing program.

    My only constructive criticism is that it is run out of a run down gym so the indoor training at Fitness One was less than desirable. The area we'd train in had a dusty and musty old carpet. I loved our outdoor days because of that. The equipment was also not always the greatest. Not enough free weights or they were in bad shape. The equipment that Lyzabeth provided was awesome though. Skipping ropes, bands and other goodies.

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