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March 07, 2016

I stopped at Trail Appliances at the Edmonton South location looking for a new dishwasher.
What a fantastic experience with a sales rep, and I did not need to purchase.

I currently have a Miele and seen that Trailer was an authorized dealer of this brand as well as all the other brands. I figured I can look at all options in one store.

First impression was WOW !
What a fantastic laid out store with lots of product beautifully on display.
The prices are clearly marked and were comparable and less that other advertised pricing.

A sales rep came and talked to me about my needs, her name was Dallas. She was not pushy and very laid back, informative and friendly. She asked what I was looking for and then we got talking about how my currently dishwasher was acting up.

Dallas quickly determined that my dishwasher could be fixed by doing a small clean of the intake drain and that I really did not need to spend any money on a new dishwasher.

I went home, spent 5 min doing what Dallas suggested and my dishwasher is back to normal.
When I do need an appliance, I will TOTALLY go back to this store.

Classy sales reps. Clean and Bright Store. Fair Pricing, Huge Selection.

Trail Appliances really does put the customer needs first.
Thank you !

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