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Yay or Nay: Anne Hathaway's Cropped Hair

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday July 16, 2012116 comments

(image via justjared.com
Is it just me, or is Anne Hathaway looking very Audrey Hepburn meets Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby these days? She recently chopped off her signature long locks for her upcoming film Les Miserables. Reportedly, Anne wasn't too pleased with the change, but I've got to give her props for the daring short hair. I don't think I could ever go this short. Could you or have you?

(images via justjared.com
I don't think this hair style is best suited for Anne. Although it could, in fact, be worse. She's definitely pulling it off with enough confidence and I commend her for her dedication to a film. It also gives her a bit of an edgy, retro look which makes her stand out in a crowd. 

(images via haircutstyles.infoaskmen.com
I do like her long hair better, I think it frames her face well and brings out the best in her features. It's far more feminine and soft. 

What do you chicks think? Do we like Anne with long or short hair better? Is this 'do a yay or a nay? Leave a comment below with your vote by July 22nd and you could win!
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on September 04, 2012  nicolerae  411 said:

This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered.
The winner this week is NatalieM. Congrats!

on August 16, 2012  joipoyaoan  963 said:

Yay! Whatever her "do" suits her sweet face. The short one makes her look more mature but it's actually nice on her frame. The dark hair color does her skin complexion good.

on August 16, 2012  aerynlynne  258 said:

I say NAY to those red sunglasses. 'O.o` The haircut looks fab, does make her look a bit older, but what's wrong with that? Those red sunglasses on the other hand make her look like a clown with the short cut - they'd look better if she had longer hair.

on August 02, 2012  littlebee  1,291 said:

Hummm :S
NAY !!!

on July 29, 2012  pammy1309  2,623 said:

Nay. She looks like a little boy... Or a pixie. =)

on July 28, 2012  acpelletier  868 said:

YAY!! I love new and different things!!

on July 26, 2012  xoxLaurenxox  536 said:

Nay. I don't think short hair suits her at all, it kind of makes her look like a lanky 14 year old boy.

on July 23, 2012  kiwigirl  803 said:

Nay, I loved her long hair!

on July 23, 2012  katieloveskitties  267 said:

Nay, I love her long hair! The short cut is cute too, but I just think her face is better suited for longer hair.

on July 23, 2012  haron  11,824 said:

Nay! she looked better with long hair.

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