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Yay or Nay: Jessie J's Red Carpet Style

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday May 28, 2012156 comments

Despite her occasional garish appearance, I actually like to count myself as a fan of Ms Jessie J. She's kind of quirky, she's hip and she does her own thing in the best possible way. Which is why I wasn't surprised to see her hit the red carpet in this velvety sheer number with a thigh high slit at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala. 

What I like about this dress is that's it's all Jessie J. From the oxblood red colour to the leopard pattern, this screams Jessie. Here's what I don't like about this outfit: it's showing a heck of a lotta skin. I mean, what possible undergarments would one even wear under this? Talk about feeling a breeze. 

While I can appreciate a high slit for a bit of sex appeal, this is just way too high. Add that to the bizarre diagonal slit in the front (top) of the dress, and babe, you've become one hot mess. I don't mind the pattern of this gown and I even like the cut. But those slits are way too much. Get rid of the front one and sew up those sides and you've got yourself a classy and chic outfit. 

What do you think of this look? Was I too hard on her? Leave a comment with a yay or nay - vote by June 3rd and you could win!  

(images via justjared.com)
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on May 30, 2012  SomeoneSpecial  297 said:

Nay! In so many ways...!

on May 30, 2012  kimiko  1,156 said:

Mmm. Im going to say Nay. I actually like the dress - I think its uber funky, but slits on BOTH sides make it wayyyyy too risque for me... She looks beautiful in that colour though - uber glam.

on May 30, 2012  Carrielyn  366 said:

NAY!! It looks like she got stuck in a fan and couldn't change in time to go to the event...

on May 30, 2012  Glogirl  3,212 said:

This dress is way too revealing. I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable revealing that much skin? You would have to sit and walk very strategically not to reveal any more!

on May 30, 2012  alida  374 said:

I like the dress but that slit is way to high! also ick on the shoes.

on May 30, 2012  twodragons  243 said:

I vote nay if it was for me but it just seems right for her and so, a yay for her

on May 30, 2012  Christine L.  1,399 said:

Yay! it works for her!

on May 30, 2012  catherine said:

Nay! one slit that is not so high and open toe heals would have been nice.

on May 30, 2012  Esther said:

Yah she can pull it off with her body.

on May 30, 2012  oh_tiara  479 said:

Yay! I love the dress, but those shoes have to go. and it would be better if the slits were a little lower

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