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#did you know that Ivory is effective & gentle enough to clean delicate linens & embroideries? Oh, the power of Ivo… https://t.co/XsCYJ0UhDN

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Happy Friday! #ivorysoap https://t.co/i67oZ0ufaE

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Tuesdays are for towel snuggles #ivorysoap https://t.co/nyP6ApZdWW

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Ivory Reviews

Ivory Body Wash
This product smells great. Nice and simple clean smelling. Not too strong or over powering. Never had an issue with rash or irritation for sensitive skin.

104 reviews
Ivory Pure Clean & Simple Original Soap Bar
Ivory classic was always in my home growing up . It was okay as a child because I didn't know any better lol I don't like the smell at all , it's so drying and it makes my skin feel tight because it's stripped of all its moisture . It doesn't lather well either . My friend...

58 reviews
Ivory Aloe Body Wash
Non seulement c'est un gel douche très abordable, mais en plus notre peau se sent propre et fraiche toute la journée. Que dire aussi de l'odeur agréable et relaxante de l'aloes comme fragrance?C'est un petit plus dans ma salle de bain pour une petit budget , en plus d'avoir...

25 reviews
Ivory body wash simply ivory
Smells Fresh, Clean, real nice scent. Perfect fo Men and Women. We use this in our Home and when we go Camping I bring this stuff along. It is really cheap. Great bubbly soapy lather just in my hands. Makes my skin feel clean with no soap scum or driness. Works great on my...

14 reviews
Ivory Original Body Wash
I just wanted to switch up the product I was using on my skin so I gave ivory a try. I have noticed that my marks have even minimized and my skin is not so dry. I would recommend this to anyone. It's great for people with sensitive skin as well.

10 reviews
Ivory 2-IN-1 Hair & Body Wash
I find the 2-in-1 great for my hair but I find it dries the skin on my arms and legs. Certain parts of my are dryer than others. I love the smell and convenience of the pump bottle.

5 reviews
Ivory Dish Soap
Not my favourite dish washing liquid. It doesn't get very sudsy and it dries my hands out. I've still got half a bottle to use but already know I won't be buying anymore.

16 reviews
ivory lavender body wash
J'adore ce produit. Il laisse une peau douce et un parfum délicat. Ivory lavande dégage une odeur apaisante. Il favorise le sommeil lorsqu'utilisé avant le dodo.

10 reviews
Ivory Shower Gel
Ivory products have been around for years. This body wash is fairly new to me. It lathers well and leaves no soapy residue on my skin.

2 reviews
Ivory Concentrated Dishwashing Detergent Classic Scent
I love dove products. Im very allergic to any product that has perfume in it. After trying every product doves products are 1 of just a couple companies that i caj use their products. But recently i bought a different kind of their dish soap than the regular dove dishsoap and...

1 review
Ivory Simply Aloe Soap Bar
I love the scent of this soap. I use it as a general body soap. It lasts a long time and cleans my skin well. It is not overly drying on my skin. I would recommend this soap as an all-purpose and economical soap.

16 reviews