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CND Reviews

CND Shellac
CND Shellac

81 reviews

This is an excellent polish and is very long lasting. They have a great selection of colors, although I find them to be a little on the price you side. However I think a bottle would last you a long time. I would recommend this product however you do need an LED light to cure it.

CND Scentsations Lotions
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this lotion , I used it in my aesthetics course for 3 years and I never stopped loving it, Its very hard to come by, I had to purchase it from a aesthectics convention! totally worth it , the scent sticks.

CND VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat
I use this top coat on my nails whenever I do a regular manicure. It is great. It helps keep my nail polish on, and looking shiny and new. I6t works much better than the brand I have used in the past, which did not help with keeping a manicure on for an extended period of time...

CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish
This product when applied properly and finished with the top coat looks as good as shellac. The polish lasts at least one week and goes on easily. Theres a large colour selection.

Color changing shellac nail polish
Shellac is so worth it. Your nails don't chip and it always looks so shiny. I use it on my hands and on my feet and it looks good. I love the way the color changes.

CND SolarOil Nail & Cuticle Conditioner
This was one of the first products I was introduced to in the esthetics industry, and I have been using it since. With jojoba oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil, this oil is a must have for natural nail care. The scent is so beautiful almost smells like freshly made cupcakes!

OFFLY FAST Removal Kit
Aweful! Made my nail weak and thin. I would never recommend this to anyone. Don't waste your money! All they reviews on tv say it's great but it isn't at all. I would just let them grow out. Thanks!

Couleurs vraiment belles et éclatantes. Ma fille de 10 ans les adorent! Ne coutent pas si chers que ca compte tenu de leur super qualité. Un must a avoir pour celles qui aiment se sentir coquette.

This is a great quality base coat. Glides on smoothly and helps extend the life of my nail polish. I am very happy again. Would purchase again. Lasts for quite a long time.

I like clear nail polish over my nails to make my nails more shine and looks more appealing you use clear over nail polish. I sometimes use just clear nail polish my my natural nails looks more natural. I like that clear nail polish a lot. I would recommend others to buy same...


3 reviews

The UV light era is coming to an end BUT! If as a light this one was fit for purpose. It had a shelf for manicure and a lower shelf for pedicures. It was very unforgiving if shellac color coat was applied too thickly, the wrinkling would appear. Light is very heavy and bulbs...

CND Shellac Power Polish Nourishing Remover
After many years of using acetone-free nail polish and having to really scrub at my nails to remove polish, this polish remover really changed my experience. Although the bottle says it's formulated for shellac, I use it on non-shellac polish and find that I only need to wipe my...

CND-Shellac Nourishing Remover
This is way better than any Acetone nail polish remover I have ever used! It removes the shellac in a few minutes by bubbling up and the polish drops off- no need for scrubbing! It's not harsh and doesn't dry out my hands, which is a big bonus.

CND Shellac Top and Base
A must have if you're going to do a shellac manicure. It makes the manicure last! Goes on easily and cures fast. I'm really liking the CND product line!

CND Rescue RXx Daily Keratin Treatment
I have really short and brittle nails that I absolutely hate and even if they grow a but they break super easily. The CND rescue keratin treatment i bought after it was recommended to me by a lady who worked at the store. I put it on my nails and rubbed it into my cuticles at...